Work in progress!

Tools to help determine and set the heading of an equirectangular panorama

(A) Determine the bearing of a feature in a panorama, as needed for (B)

(B) Determine a panorama's heading by selecting a feature on a map

(C) ExifTool Command for adding Google Photosphere XMP Metadata to the panorama file (thanks!)

(D) An OSX droplet of (C), can tag multiple files at once (droplet structure borrowed from KRPano Tools)

If you want to experiment...

1) Have an equirectangular pano ready, together with the GPS coordinates where it was shot.

2) Open the bearing tool (B), load that image, and select a clearly visible feature in it (dragging the red line...). Write down the bearing value shown below the image.

3) Open the map tool (A), enter the coordinates where the pano was taken from, select the same feature on the satellite map, and enter the bearing determined in 2).

4) Read off the panorama's compass heading. Tadah!


By Florian Knorn ( |